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10 years, Thousands of Hours Later, Featuring Some of the Finest Musicians in the World as Collaborators and Contributors, Recorded in Over 20 Locations on a Mix of

Analogue Tape, Vintage Neumann Microphones and State of the Art Digital Technology

Mastered by the Legendary Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios London


There is a delay on the release - looking like end of November - TBC...





The album has been mostly recorded in a 400 year
old abandoned chapel on a disused cemetary in the
middle of no where on mostly a 1950's reel to reel,
beautiful Neumann microphones and classic
Neve Pre amps - All powered by a caravan battery
and a type writer. These songs have been crafted for
a decade, they have travelled round the world,
through jungles and over thousands of miles
through deserts.
They serve as a diary, a window and a mirror.


​The session musicians involved have collectively performed with David Bowie, John Martyn, Nick Drake, The London Symphony Orchestra, Public Image, Rod Stewart, Katy Melua, Adele and many more legends.

The album is dark, full of heartbreak, loss and love in all its forms. It might not be in everyones taste but It will be truely unique and have it's own original sound and feeling.
"The writer who refuses to explore the darker reaches of the heart will never be able to write convincingly about the wonder, magic and joy of love," - Nick Cave
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Ben Featherstone

Ben Featherstone in a Tunnel in Hassocks